Acquisitions & Syndication

Our specialized knowledge allows us to expertly advise prospective purchasers and developers.

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As an active and long-time owner of commercial real estate, Shon Group Realty Advisors has a wealth of experience investing in commercial real estate.

We have been involved with the acquisition and development of some of Vancouver's most iconic commercial properties including Cathedral Place and the HSBC Building.

When engaged as an advisor for a new acquisition, we can provide the following services:


Source prospective acquisitions


Conduct comprehensive due diligence


Assist in sourcing financing


Select service providers and contractors

We have a lot of experience in our group from all different areas of the business. Not just management but development, acquisitions, syndication, and financing, so I think we have a really multifaceted team that can provide owners of real estate great advice for an excellent value.

Wayne Beattie, Shon Group Realty Advisors

Are you looking for trusted assistance investing in commercial real estate?

Shon Group can assist at all stages of a real estate transaction, and provides a full-service solution for purchasers and developers.

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